An indigenous Bedouin women organization working towards equal legal, political, social, cultural and personal rights for Bedouin women in the Negev.



About Amerat of the Desert

Amerat of the Desert is an indigenous Bedouin women’s non-governmental organization based in the Bedouin township of Rahat in Israel’s Negev Desert. It was established in 2006 with the purpose of strengthening equal legal, political, social, economic, cultural and personal rights for Arab Bedouin women in the region. In particular, we confront culturally-specific issues such as polygamy, early marriage, female circumcision, domestic abuse and ‘honor killing’ amongst this demographic by working in partnership with local Bedouin women, community leaders, and regional NGOs. Our organization provides capacity building, advocacy and support for personal empowerment, education, awareness and self-reliance for our target group


Achoti (My Sister) for Women in Israel; Shatil; Al-Waed (Promise) Palestinian Women’s Group in Aizerya; Daughter of the Desert, Tel Shava; Maslan; Rahat Municipality


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